Net.Ware Honeybox

CD No.: 1001042

EAN 4001617071434 

rel. date 10. April 2015

The release from Electro Arc is one of their always exciting and varied compilations: 

Net Ware Honeybox. This time it has a very wide range of musical genres, and a few concentrated around anhalt EBM. It includes to a varying extent known acts as Rebel Empire (Mexican EBM punk), La Santé, a very wickedly happy track from Invasion of Female Logic, and a track from Werksfront (German anhalt EBM punk) , which you certainly will be hearing more from very soon. The best track on
Net Ware Honeybox is a AD:KeY Remix of Robotiko Rejekto and their "Control Your Robot" track. This one gets a truly epic remix, which has a good deal of legendary Armageddon Dildos feeling. New Ware Honeybox is available online all over the world through various digital distributors and streamers:

Finkeye - Deadweight (V2)

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