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Noisy Deafness - Demons

CD No.: 1001050
EAN code: 4001617075555

digital release date 24th of June, 2017
Genre: Electro
Subgenre: darkwave, synthpop




First Aid 4 Souls - Trashcathedral
D No.: 1001049
EAN code: 4001617075340

digital release date 17th of June, 2016
Genre: Electro
Subgenre: industrial dance, 





Net.Ware Jester's Joy
CD No.: 1001048
EAN code: 4001617074978

release date 13th of May, 2016

international Compilation

with Sieqsonick, Atomzero, Finkseye,
Invasion Of Female Logic, 
 Franz Riss,
77XE, Y-Orbit, Strong Product, Akalotz, Alto Voltaje, Red Industrie,



Finkseye - Deadweight 

CD No.: 1001047
EAN code: 4001617074961

digital release date 29th April, 2016
Genre: Electro
Subgenre: darkwave, aggropop

Noisy Deafness
 – Silent Remembrance Extended

CD No.: 1001046
EAN code: 4001617074510
release date:  12th February, 2016
Genre:        Electro
Subgenre:   darkwave, industrial dance, synthpop


Noisy Deafness
Silent Remembrance

CD No.: 1001044

EAN code: 4001617073131

Genre: Electro
Subgenre: Dark Wave, industrial dance 

La Santé - Punk Body Music

limited FT XI Version * "sold out" 

CD 1001043 * EAN 4001617071755




Net.Ware Honeybox 


international music compilation

CD 1001042 * EAN 4001617071434 




                               Net.Ware Glambient


international ambient music compilation
CD 1001041    *  EAN 4001617070253

Net.Ware Funja

international compilation

CD 1001040

EAN 4001617069868




Debut album "Shift To Evil"

CD 1001039 * EAN 4001617068991


CDr in 4 cartonwallet "sold out"


digital release @ iTunes, amazon, Google Play etc. worldwide




Invasion Of Female Logic
Debut album "Alternativlos


CD 1001038

EAN 4001617068502


Net.Ware Etronics,

international compilation

CD 1001037

EAN 4001617069462


First Aid 4 Souls - The Broken Mirror (Self Mix)

CD 1001036

EAN 4001617069134

Lightphaser - New Tone 

CD 1001035

EAN 4001617069523


Net.Ware Delight 

international compilation, 


CD 1001034

EAN 4001617069110


Jäger 90 - Wir Bitten zum Tanz 


special edition for Familientreffen 9 *

ltd. edition 300 pcs., 

CD 1001033


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